Diabetes glucose meter and blood sugar log next to fruit and vegetables.

Diabetes Education

For many people living with diabetes, gestational and pre-diabetes can be challenging. Finding resources to help guide people can be overwhelming or too costly. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County offers services and educational programs for all residents to increase their confidence in managing diabetes.

Our Diabetes Educators are Registered Dietitians and Registered Nurses who work alongside the healthcare teams at Sun River Health centers across Suffolk County.

We offer one-to-one, in-person, or telehealth consultations with a focus on individualized education and care. We promote self-management of health, wellness, and medical conditions. Topics covered include:

  • healthy eating tips
  • meal planning and portion sizes
  • reading food labels
  • weight management
  • understanding your diabetes
  • glucometer use
  • blood glucose management and target ranges
  • medications and insulin
  • reducing risks

In addition to one-to-one sessions within the health centers, our diabetes educators can present current, evidence-based education programs on diabetes management in many local public libraries or community centers. If you are interested in attending or your organization would like to host a program, please contact us via email or phone at 631-727-7850 x 331. In addition, community sites can request presentations on specific diabetes-related topics.


Linda Altenburger
Sr Nutritionist, SNAP-Ed; Program Mgr. Diabetes / Human Development
631-727-7850 x 331

Last updated May 23, 2024