Joe Constanzo holding monk fish
Image by Jackie Wilson, CCE Suffolk

Joe Costanzo with a Monkfish

Outreach Program

A comprehensive outreach component is fundamental in accomplishing the goals of this project. The focus of the outreach program proposed here will be to coordinate industry members and scientists up and down the coast from multiple countries for the sole purpose of enhancing the knowledge of the monkfish fishery resource and contributing to the body of information on which monkfish management decisions are made. This can be achieved by developing a feedback loop that includes real time information sharing. Developing a website dedicated to this project and monkfish stakeholders will foster communication between all user groups. The website will be designed to broadcast project activities, recruit participants, and report project results including anecdotal information. Anecdotal information will be collected to document industry observations relative to current monkfishing conditions. The website will be updated with sample collection, project progress and regulatory information on a monthly basis. The website will also be accessible by industry, science and management partners via discussion boards. A video depicting proper sampling procedure will also be linked to the website.

Interim and final reports will be printed and disseminated to all interested industry members. This project will be actively marketed to the fishing community. Informational flyers detailing the project will be posted at all pack-out docks, and gear suppliers. Outreach will include informational flyers personally handed to fishermen on-site in a general sweep of major coast-wide ports. Detailed discussions with fishermen about the project during the course of regular CCE activities will also occur. We will also get local press coverage of the project and project results through established CCE press contacts. National press such as The National Fisherman and Commercial Fisheries News will be provided with a press release and summary results for them to report on the project and its results. A refereed journal article will also be prepared for this project. The CCE website will also be used to communicate this project to the general public and the fishing industry. The Long Island Commercial Fishing Association will assist in outreach efforts to their members.

Dockside and market sampling opportunities will also allow for information transfer to occur. CCE will actively market the complete progress and results of this project to the fishery management councils, fishing industry newspapers and websites.


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Fisheries Specialist
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Last updated July 26, 2019