Weeds of Interest

From the pages of CCE Suffolk's Ag News

Hedge Bindweed, May 2022

Dead Weeds Tell Tales, April 2022

Liverwort, March 2022

Mugwort, October 2021

Wild Parsnip, August 2021

Velvetleaf, July 2021

Lesser Celandine, April 2021

Common Chickweed, March 2021

Horsenettle, October 2020

Caper Spurge, July 2020

Pokeweed, May 2020

Tree of Heaven, April 2020

Mile-A-Minute Biocontrol, March 2020

Fountaingrass, October 2019

Spurges, August 2019

Carrot Family, July 2019

Oriental Bittersweet, May 2019

Japanese Stiltgrass, April 2019

Solving the Mystery of 'Morden Pink' Loosestrife, March 2019

False Green Kyllinga (Pasture Spikesedge)

Weed Orchid (Epipactis helleborine)

Weedy Nightshades, October 2018

Winter Annuals, August 2018

Yellow Nutsedge, July 2018

Datura, May 2018

Japanese Knotweed, March 2018

Lowly Weeds, July 2017

Common Groundsel, March 2017

Galinsoga, December 2016

Weed Orchid, July 2016

Rice Flatsedge, May 2016

Common Chickweed, March 2016

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Last updated May 10, 2022