Health Center

Health Center

Our Health Center is staffed to administer medications, respond to emergencies, and administer basic first aid. Health Center staff may also refer campers to a local physician or to the emergency room for more significant treatments. Every effort will be made to contact parents prior to offsite treatment. Parents will not be contacted for rotinue treatments.

Camper Health Forms

The NYS Department of Health requires a current and complete health profile on every camper. You will complete a health history during registration. After registration you will need to log into your Peconic Dunes account to upload:

  1. Camper Health Form- completed & signed by child's physician within 12 months of session
  2. Immunization record (only medical exemptions accepted)
  3. Allergy plan (if your child has a life threatening allergy)
  4. Your child's medications

To upload your Camper Health Form, log into your Peconic Dunes account, select additional options then document center. Uploading forms is the same process as attaching a file to an email…it’s easy!

To add a medication, click on your camper’s name then manage medications. Medications not listed on your child’s camper health form will not be administered even if they are listed in your camper's digital account. Please be sure to complete the health profile in its entirety. If you need any help, please call the camp office at (631) 852 – 8629.

IMPORTANT: The New York State Department of Health prohibits the camp from admitting children with missing or incomplete health forms. All health forms are due by May 1st.

Download the Camper Health Form here.

Medications at Camp

If your child requires medication during the time s/he is at camp, you will drop off the medication with the camp Health Director on Sunday for overnight campers and on Monday for day campers. The camp Health Director can only administer over-the-counter and/or prescription medications following orders that are written specifically for the individual camper by their physician on your Peconic Dunes Camper Health Form. 

Additionally, you MUST list all medications to be taken, in your child’s Peconic Dunes account BEFORE bringing the medications to camp. Click on your camper’s name, click on manage medications and list them individually. Please only bring the amount of pills that are necessary to be dispensed for the week of camp and leave the rest at home. (Unused medicine that is not picked up at departure will be discarded.)

IMPORTANT: Medication MUST be in the original prescription bottle with the dosage on the prescription bottle matching the doctor’s written instructions on the Camper Health Form.

Medications brought to check in, that are not listed on the Peconic Dunes Camper Health form, are expired, or medications with missing labels will not be accepted by the Health Director.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions and the need to limit access to the Health Center for essential treatements, the camp will not accept any vitamins or dietary supplements. 

Camper Illness or Injury

Parents are usually not notified if their child is treated for minor medical concerns such as cuts or scratches, mild sunburn, poison ivy, headache or upset stomach.Parents are notified by phone:

  • If a camper becomes ill with a fever of 100.4oF or above, or is vomiting, has diarrhea, or respiratory difficulty, in which case, they will be asked to pick their child up.
  • If their camper requires medical treatment off site
  • If the camp nurse removes a tick from the camper

Important Health Information 

Meningococcal Fact Sheet

Measles Fact Sheet

NYS Children's Camp Brochure

Last updated January 26, 2022