Make Friends

One of the great benefits of summer camp is the opportunity to make friendships that last a lifetime. Every activity at Sea Adventures strives to build caring relationships between every member of the camp community. Camp traditions also reinforce positive relationships and provide lasting memories.

Be Healthy

We encourage campers to maintain their health throughout the week by stopping for hydration breaks, applying sunscreen before any outdoor activities, eating adequate meals/snacks. In addition to individual health, Sea Adventures Marine Camp fosters environmental stewardship in our campers so they are invested in the health of the world around them.


Sea Adventures Marine Camp offers summer experiences like no other while focusing on unique educational experiences with our marine adventurers. Each week includes interactive salt marsh explorations, ecology hikes, seining, beach clean-ups, art and science integration projects and time in our touch tank room!

Have Fun

We believe everyone learns best when they’re having fun. No one makes camp more fun than an enthusiastic counselor. Our staff shares their passions and interests in an engaging and enjoyable way.


Brittany Emig
Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp Program Manager

Last updated February 7, 2023