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Food Matters

Tomato Flavors 

Some tomatoes are sweet. Others are tangy and savory. Discover the taste sensations of different tomatoes. This presentation also explores how and why many tomatoes lost their flavor in the last 30 years. We will discuss varieties certain to deliver the flavor of a summer tomato.

Backyard Berries

Love those summer berries? Learn how to successfully grow and harvest different types of berries in your own backyard, including raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and more.

Why we crave the foods we do?

Ever wonder why we crave certain foods given their sugar, fat and salt content? The answer lies in our hard-wired brains, not in our stomachs. Learn about the fundamental mismatch between our brains and our contemporary diets and what we can do to rethink our relationships with these evolutionary food triggers.

Food Waste & Local Solutions

We in the United States throw away about 40% of the food grown for consumption. No country in the world throws away as much uneaten food. What can you do to reduce this troubling trend?

Food Security & Food Justice

Access to fresh, affordable food is difficult in many of our communities. Food deserts and limited access to grocery stores contributes to food injustice. Learn how to promote food security with farmer’s markets, CSAs, community gardens and home gardens.

Food in a Warming World

What we eat has a considerable impact on water and land resources. How does our diet and farming contribute to climate change? Discover how we can reduce those impacts and likely improve our health.

Plant Food Everywhere

Learn how Long Islanders and others around the globe have started planting food in the most unlikely places in an effort to increase food security. Tips and strategies will be shared from successful local initiatives.


Roxanne Zimmer
Community Horticulture Specialist
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Last updated August 16, 2021