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Suggestions for Library Programs

These are the most popular topics throughout the calendar year and may be offered at any time. Programs typically run an hour with time for questions and answers. The program descriptions, as well as additional gardening programs, are found in the Content Tabs: Gardens by Design, Gardening Best Practices, Plant Showcase, Food Matters and Workshops on the Speaking Programs and Workshops CCE web page.

January - Winter Seed Sowing

February - The Magic of Compost

March - Organic Vegetable Gardens or Backyard Berries

April - Native Plants

May - Pollinator Gardens

June - The Hummingbird Garden

July - Gardening with Deer

August - Seed Saving

September - Lawns Love Fall

October - Fall is for Planting Bulbs

November - Happy Houseplants or Garden Makeover on a Budget

December - The Secrets of Soil

Last updated July 25, 2023