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Suggestions for Library Programs

These are the most popular topics throughout the calendar year and may be offered at any time. In person programs/workshops as well as Zoom presentations have been well received.

Gardening programs typically run about an hour with time for questions & answers. The program descriptions, as well as additional gardening programs, are found in the Content Tabs: Gardens by Design, Gardening Best Practices, Plant Showcase, Food Matters and Workshops on the Speaking Programs and Workshops CCE web page.

January - Winter Seed Sowing 

February - Organic Vegetable Gardens or Lawn Alternatives (new program)

March - Rain Gardens (new program)

April - Native Plants or The Frugal Gardener

May - Pollinator Gardens

June - The Hummingbird Garden

July - Gardening with Deer

August - Seed Saving

September - Lawns Love Fall

October - Fall is for Planting Bulbs

November - Happy Houseplants 

December - The Secrets of Soil

Last updated January 8, 2024