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Biochar basics flyer

Includes overview of biochar, its potential benefits, product use and application rate information.

Biochar Flyer 2021

List of biochar suppliers and manufacturers

The United States Biochar Initiative (USBI) maintains the most updated list of companies selling biochar products and technologies.

Biochar Suppliersand Manufacturers

*Any reference to commercial products/companies is for information and reference only; no endorsement is intended. If there are other suppliers that should be added to the list, please contact Deborah Aller at

Current biochar projects on Long Island

This study aims to investigate the effects of biochar on nutrient availability and water retention in field and container nursery production on Long Island. This is a 3-yr (2019-2021) project funded by Northeast SARE. 

More project information can be found here:

Biochar webinar series hosted by CCE Suffolk

Link to a 4-part webinar series that presents information on a wide range of topics including an introduction to biochar; current advances in biochar science; and nursery and landscape research and applications.

Biochar Webinar Series - November 2020

Biochar products available and practical applications

This brief presentation is presented by Tom Miles, Executive Director of the US Biochar Initiative. Start at min 1:40 where he begins speaking about the practical applications of biochar and the ways that biochar is being used in economically productive ways.

Biochar in the Real World:Products and Uses

Last updated April 13, 2023