Potato Samples

Sampling potatoes for the BMP Challenge

resin bags for nitrate leaching station

Resin bags for nitrate leaching project

myco fungal in sweet corn

Corn roots with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi vacuoles

Ag. Stewardship Technician
Image by Deborah Aller

Educational Material

Cornell Crop and Pest Management Guidelines can be found at https://cropandpestguides.cce.cornell.edu/

Nitrogen Management

Promising Results with Controlled Release Fertilizers

Pesticide Management

New York State Integrated Pest Management Program

Improving Spray Coverage Using Water-Sensitive Spray Cards

Mejorando la cubertura de pulverización con tarjetas hidrosensibles

Soil Health

Looking At Soil Health Can Help Identify Common Soil Constraints

Reduced Tillage - On-farm Research Project 2011 - Long Island

Soil Testing for home lawns & gardens

Soil Compaction in managed landscapes

NY Soil Health Initiative

Cover Crop Tools

Building Soils for Better Crops

Fact Sheets

The Agricultural Stewardship Program has created pesticide and nutrient management fact sheets that correspond directly to the best management practices highlighted in the tier 2 Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) worksheets. If you have any questions about any of the recommendations offered in the fact sheets, please contact us at (631) 727-7850.

Pesticide Management Fact Sheets

Nutrient Management Fact Sheets

Pocket Guide for Fertilizer and Pesticide Spills

Weather Stations

Network for the Environment and Weather Application

Climate Smart Farming - Powerful and user-friendly climate tools for farmers in the Northeast

Climate Smart Farming

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