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In honor of Earth Month, this #stakeholderSaturday we are highlighting Long Island Invasive Species Management Area (LIISMA). They protect NY from non-native plants, insects, or diseases that would otherwise have a negative impact on our local ecosystems, the economy or human health. CCESuffolk and TNC were the two major partners that helped co-found the LIISMA organization. We had our first meetings during the fall of 2001.

Our CCE agriculture team partners with LIISMA in creating educational programming about these invasive species. We work together to increase the awareness and understanding of the invasive pests that impact our region.

They are great partners in assisting with field surveys. For example, we’ve cooperated on a few concerning insects like the winter moth. Additionally, the local LIISMA staff have a grant with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County to work on ‘Spotted Lanternfly’ outreach and education - a growing threat on Long Island.

Together, we support education and promoting information exchange among concerned agencies and organizations. To learn more, visit





CCE's Agricultural Stewardship Program

Last updated April 12, 2022