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Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

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Image by Hazel Wodehouse

Exploring Tiana's oceanside

tiana seining

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

tiana bayside adventures seining

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

tiana bayside group observing pipefish

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

Seining in eelgrass at Tiana Bayside.
Image by Hazel Wodehouse

Seining in eelgrass at Tiana Bayside

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp (Tiana Bayside Facility)


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Bayside Adventures

July 22-26 ( 7-9yr) & August 19-23 (10-13yr)

Bayside Adventures is a 5-day immersive science program where students delve into the multidisciplinary realm of Marine Science. They learn to formulate and test scientific questions, conduct experiments, measure environmental parameters, and record data. The unique proximity of Tiana Bayside to both the ocean and bay provides a unique opportunity for students to explore various marine habitats such as salt marshes, eelgrass meadows, mud flats, and dunes. Activities include seining for local fish, hiking through coastal environments, bird watching, identifying local species, microscopic specimen viewing, restoring marine plant environments, and incorporating art and creativity into observational learning. Each student actively cares for their own fish tank throughout the week. To participate, students must be capable swimmers, comfortable wading in water, and physically able to engage in seining.
Ella Gatfield eg649@cornell.edu

Tiana Turtle Stewards

August 12-16 (6-8yr)

Children will explore the wonders of our local marine environment from the watershed to the bottom of the deep sea as they gain a greater appreciation for what science can teach about our world and the importance of being good stewards for the sea. CCE’s Summer Programs at Tiana offer an experience like no other! Learning about water quality improvement, marine and coastal habitat restoration, bi-valve (oyster, clam, scallops) population enhancement, and expansion of oyster reefs in our bays students will gain knowledge the act of caring for of our coastal and marine environments through hands on activities. With inspiration gathered from Tiana Bayside experiences the children will create art to help educate the public on becoming better stewards. The marine habitats surrounding Tiana Bayside Facility are full of visual, tactile, and scientific wonder!
Carolyn Munaco cjm427@cornell.edu

Our Tiana summer programs are made possible in part by Back to the Bays, an initiative of Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program. 

Bayside Adventures involves participants in the core efforts of our year-round Stewardship Program, caring for the local environment and contributing to hands-on habitat and shellfish restoration efforts.

Camp fisheries

Kids experimenting with the fish

two kids fishing with the net



Ella Gatfield
Back to the Bays Educator

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