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Image by Tracy Marcus

Maxx made a 'shocking' discovery, a Stargazer!

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Roxxi enjoying a sea star!

puffer fish
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Sea Robin

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Seasonal Programs

Check our Marine Events page for seasonal programming!


Click on the image above to register for all programs and camp and learn more about these 2024 winter/spring programs!

Please ONLY BRING registered children; space is limited and we will not be able to accommodate extra children at the door. All registration for camp and outreach programs are online at UltraCamp.


Arctic Animals for Mini-Marine Biologists

(Ages 3-5 with 1 adult) Explore the frozen world of creatures that call the Arctic and Antarctic home. How do they do it! Make a cool craft with your preschooler to take with you! Space is Limited!!! Pre-Registration for all programs is required.

Cool Crustaceans

(Ages 3-5 with 1 adult) Spend some time with your preschooler and our cool crustaceans as we learn all about these amazing crawling creatures of the sea! Make a cool craft to take home!

Marine Reptiles and their Land-Based Buddies

(Ages 3-5 with 1 adult) Discover what makes a reptile a reptile and what adaptations these creatures have to help them survive in some of the world's most unique environments. Reptiles from marine environments are covered, along with some of their counterparts from the land. Touch and explore live reptiles and preserved artifacts. Make an awesome cold-blooded craft to take home!

Jr. Marine Biologist

(Ages 3-5 with 1 adult) Looking for a unique way to spend time with your preschooler? Join us for a fun-filled two hours as you and your child learn about the marine environment. This very special program includes hands-on time with live marine animals, beach activities, and a craft. This is a great way to introduce your child to marine ecology! Space is Limited, pre-registration required!

Things That Sting (And Things That Don't)!!!

(Ages 6-12 and is a drop-off program) Discover some of the local and global sea creatures that are known to sting, bite, or slime us! We will also look at some of the creatures that don't sting and dispel some of the myths associated with them. Make an awesome non-stinging creature to take home! Space is Limited!!! Registration is required.

Spring Beach Walk

(Ages 6-12 and is a drop-off program) Come and explore the beautiful sandy beaches of Long Island’s South Shore with us! We’ll look for marine creatures that call the salt marsh and barriers beaches home, and learn some fun facts about them. Make sure to dress for the weather as we’ll be walking outdoors for 1.5 hours. Weather permitting. This is a DROP-OFF program. Space is Limited!!! Pre-Registration for all programs is required.


Tracy Marcus
Marine Youth Education Specialist

Last updated April 22, 2024