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Seining at the beach

kids fishing

Fishing Trip

SW Suffolk Outreach & Field Trips

Get your 'Grab n Go' craft kits!


STEAM activities to get your mini-Shark Biologist excited about Sharks!

Included in this STEAM kit:

  • Exclusive Sea Explorers super Sharks of LI coloring book designed and illustrated by local artist, Beth Giacummo
  • Make your own Shark tooth necklace (Measure and ID the shark it came from)
  • Bendy Basking Shark
  • Hammerhead puppet
  • Sculpt-a-shark with how-to video
  • Shark Scratcher

Everything your budding Marine biologist needs to EXPLORE Long Island's beaches!

  • Exclusive Sea Explorers bucket and hand net
  • 4 Laminated Scavenger Hunts/Local sea creatures Identification Charts
  • (Great South Bay, Ocean, Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay)
  • Magnifying lens, magnifying jar, and collection container
  • Scooping tongs and tweezers
  • Dry erase marker for checking off those awesome finds!


Contact Tracy Marcus for program information and pricing.

For Western Suffolk And Nassau Groups

Field trips will explore the Sport Fishing Education Center at Cedar Beach Marina Babylon. 

Talk and Tour

(Grades K - 12)

Learn by doing with this exciting, hands-on exploration of one of Long Island’s treasured marine environments. Following a presentation with live marine animals, tour our Aquarium room, fishing pier, and our touch tanks. Then head out to the beach to sample the biodiversity of life in the bay by seining!

(1½ hour program)

Salt Marsh Extravaganza

(Grades 4-12)

Go on an adventure in our salt marsh as we seine and search for local marine creatures. We’ll explore what they do, how they do it, and why they need each other to survive.

(2.5 hour program)

From the Bay to the Barrier Beach 

(Grades 4-12)

The best of both worlds! Start out with a seining adventure to study the biodiversity and importance of the salt marsh and bay, then cross the barrier island to explore what makes a barrier beach so dynamic.

(3 hour program)

Barrier Beach Bonanza

(Grades 6-12)

Join us for a journey to the barrier beach! Discover how dunes, sand, waves, and wind turn this into a place that’s continually on the go!

(2 hour program)

Blue star with eyesSport Fishing Frenzy (Back by popular demand!)

(Grades 5 -12)

Join our experienced sport fishing staff for a fishing adventure! We’ll discuss NYS Regulations, species conservation, and the ecology and life history of targeted fish species. Each student will their own fluke rig, and then try it out as we fish from our pier.

(3 hour program - includes lunchtime) 50 students maximum. Students must be at least 10 years of age to participate in the fishing portion of this class.

By Land and By Sea

(Grades 3-12)

Enjoy the best of both worlds! This 4 hour excursion will lead you and your students through a 2 hour Sea Shore Safari at Cedar Beach Marina for the land portion of your visit Then set sail from Captree State Park (you will need your buses to make the transfer)on a 2 hour marine biology and fishing voyage (minimum of 110 students, maximum of 200 participants).



We come to you!!! Classes are 45-50 minutes long. Maximum of 25 students per class. 

ALL Programs are available for IN-Person or live Zoom and are available all year long! 

Seashore Safari


Also available in Virtual, Nearpod + Pre-recorded version

.Bring the beach to your classroom! A great alternative to a field trip, this hands-on presentation introduces your students to local marine life - shellfish, hermit crabs,snails, and… the infamous horseshoe crab!

Do you have a large group or too many students? We can do a Marine Animal TOUCH TANK!

Good for large groups, festival settings, or STEM/science fair stations.

Discovery Tank 

(Grades PreK-12)

Study the marine environment every day! Discover the wonders of local marine life in this unique presentation. Following a hands-on introduction to shellfish, hermit crabs, snails & fish, a low-maintenance, 10-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with these animals is left for permanent display in your classroom.

Does your curriculum cover Fresh water ecosystems? We can do a freshwater tank (guppies/livebearers, cherry shrimp, and snails with freshwater plants), too!

Don’t know how to keep your tank going? Service contracts are available for cleaning and aquarium upkeep!

Sensational Sharks! 

(Grades 2-12)

Explore the biology and ecology of these fascinating creatures and learn about conservation efforts to save these misunderstood predators. Touch shark jaws, eggs, teeth, and other artifacts as you learn some fun facts about these top oceanic predators.

*Virtual pre-recorded or Nearpod program also available.

Do you have a large group or too many students? We can do a Marine Animal TOUCH TANK!
We have a REPTILE Touch tank option, too!

Marine Reptiles and their Land Buddies 

(Grades 1-12) 

Discover what makes a reptile a reptile and what adaptations these creatures have to help them survive in some of the world’s most unique environments. Reptiles from marine environments are covered, along with some of their terrestrial counterparts. Live reptiles that we will bring for petting may include a ball python, corn snake, bearded dragon, painted turtle and a diamondback terrapin. We will also bring in preserved sea turtle and many other reptile artifacts.

*Virtual pre-recorded or Nearpod program also available.

Crustacean Exploration

(Grades 2-12)

Live crustaceans in your classroom! Explore the unique specializations of lobsters and their crabby relatives, including hermit crabs, Asian shore crabs, barnacles & shrimp.

*Virtual pre-recorded or Nearpod program also available.

Ready, Set, Glow!

(Grades 3-12)

Dive into the mysterious environment of the deep sea as you learn about bio-luminescent animals through slides and pictures, glowing models, and demonstrations. The best setting for this program is in a dark room.

*Nearpod program also available.

Stormwater Superheroes

(Grades 1-8)

Learn how to be a Superhero! Students will explore what they can do to help our local bays and watersheds. We will discover how various kinds

of pollution make their way to the bay and ocean and how it affects the local marine life. Hands-on demonstrations and a Stormdrain system built right in your classroom will get your students ready to be Stormwater Superheroes!

This program may be free to select Suffolk County Schools, ask us how!

Long Island Geology 

(Grades 4-12) Long Island Geology is a hands-on course designed to look at our unique island and its prehistoric formation. Children will participate in hands-on activities, create a 3-D map for their classroom, and learn about sand migration, wave power, and human impact on our beaches.

So Many Mollusks!

Ever wonder what is a Mollusk? Well, find out as we explore the amazing world of sea snails, squid, clams and all their relatives. Touch these live creatures and discover what makes them so slick.

Things that Sting (and things That Don’t)

Discover some of the local and global sea creatures that are known to sting or bite us! Why and how do they do that? We will also look at some of the creatures that don’t sting and dispel some of the myths associated with them. We will bring (live and artifacts, dependent upon availability) of sea urchins, horseshoe crabs, coral, just to name a few!

Marvelous Marine Mammals 

What is a marine mammal? Do whales and seals live around Long Island? We’ll explore some fascinating marine mammals with lots of skins, bones and artifacts to touch. We will also discuss conservation efforts to help save these endangered creatures.

Bussing a problem?

Have an in-school field trip! For only a few dollars per child, your class can have an exciting hands-on experience that they will never forget!

We accept BOCES and Scope funding for payment.

Persons needing special accommodations should contact (631) 587-2873 at least two weeks prior to scheduled workshop.


Tracy Marcus
Marine Youth Education Specialist

Last updated January 15, 2024