Contractor Review Websites

It can be challenging to choose amongst for-profit contractors in the energy efficiency, clean energy, and renewable energy technology space, even when those contractors are deemed ”qualified” or “certified” by local utilities and/or participating government agencies. Here are some third-party review sites that list certified contractors and/or aggregate contractor reviews from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Please note that these sites themselves are for-profit review sites that are neither endorsed nor supported by CCE-Suffolk.

Angi - Get verified reviews to help you tackle your home improvement project, including energy audits, home weatherization, home appliance replacement and installation, and renewable energy.

Building Performance Institute GoldStar Contractors - Home performance contractors, such as BPI Certified Professionals, invest a lot of time and money in training and getting certified to be a source of knowledge and experience in making your house more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient for you and your family. BPI GoldStar Contractor companies have taken the time and energy to improve their business practices. These companies work with BPI to receive business-to-business mentoring, free training and resources, and partially subsidized training by industry experts to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable. Find a contractor here.

SolarReviews - SolarReviews has verified consumer reviews of almost every solar company nationally. Internal SolarReviews software and manual checks weed out fake reviews written by the companies themselves, as well as false negative reviews written by their competitors.


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Last updated May 3, 2024