Not-for-Profit Opportunities

PSEG Free Energy Assessments – PSEG offers free energy consultations to not-for-profits through qualified contractors. Contractors will tour the facility with you, discuss energy saving opportunities, and help guide you through rebate application processes.

NYSERDA Green Jobs – Green New York Energy Studies - Energy studies, costing between just $100-$500, are available for small commercial and not-for-profits to identify and analyze opportunities to make buildings more efficient, which lowers associated energy costs. Not-for-profit organizations of any size are eligible for this offering, in facilities 50,000 sq ft or less.

Studies include:

  • A comprehensive walk through of the facility;
  • Site staff interviews; Utility bill analysis;
  • Fuel-neutral, unbiased evaluation of potential low-cost/no-cost and capital improvement energy efficiency upgrades;

Energy study report that outlines potential energy and cost savings opportunities for your facility.To get started with your energy study, please contact us at 888-338-0089 or

Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Direct Pay Fact Sheet for Nonprofits – Due to changes to the federal solar credits in the Inflation Reduction Act, municipalities and not-for-profits can now receive these tax credits (even though they don't pay taxes) in the form of DIRECT FEDERAL PAYMENTS. The new Investment Tax Credit was increased to 30% for clean energy projects and its bonus credits enables tax-exempt entities to receive up to six bonus credits that could raise the ITC to 70% of the eligible costs of the project’s installation.Direct pay enables tax-exempt entities to receive payment equal to the full value of the ITC and its bonus credits. This Direct Pay Fact Sheet details which types of tax-exempt entities are eligible to receive direct pay, outlines the process to receive direct pay, and introduces additional resources.

Inflation Reducation Act (IRA) Guide for Nonprofits and Municipalities - The IRA expanded, extended, and established tax credits that are driving billions in clean energy investment across the U.S and includes a new provision, known as “direct pay” or “elective pay”, that enables nonprofits, municipalities, and other tax-exempt organizations to directly access clean energy tax credits for the first time. Now, installing and owning clean energy technologies like solar panels and electric vehicles is a more affordable, straightforward investment at any scale. This guide will cover how nonprofits and local governments can advance clean energy in their own operations and community with IRA tax credits and direct pay.

NYSERDA Carbon Neutral Community Education Development Program - Incentives available to support economic development projects on Long Island for projects that are designed to carbon neutral net or zero energy performance. NYSERDA Carbon Neutral Community Economic Development program supported projects:

  • Category A: Carbon Neutral Facilities (design and construction)
  • Category B: Carbon Neutral Communities (planning).

Awards range up to $2 million and are traditionally award through the Consolidated Funding Application opening in May and closing at the end of July.

Everybody Solar – Works to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects by providing solar power to local charities and not-for-profits to help reduce electricity costs and direct their limited resources to the communities they serve.

Re-volv – Through a Power Purchase Agreement or solar lease, RE-volv provides solar energy financing for community-serving nonprofits saving them on average 15% or more on their electricity bills across the country. As nonprofits pay back RE-volv, those payments are reinvested in their Solar Seed Fund, a one-of-a-kind, pay-it-forward revolving fund for solar for other nonprofits.

Last updated July 2, 2024